Binance is the star of the day

Binance continues to demonstrate why it is the world’s leading exchange for cryptosystems. Always in constant evolution within the cryptomarket. Today, Binance is the star of the day.

Binance Charity launches global campaign against COVID-19
By the way, Binance is the star of the day. Today it was learned that Binance Charity has launched an initiative to raise millions of dollars in crypt coins. This is to buy medical supplies for the countries most affected by the VOC-19 pandemic.

Binance will lead the #CryptoAgainstCOVID campaign with an initial donation of USD 1 million. In this sense, he announced through a press release on his blog, that from today June 12 to June 26 the company will raise funds to help Japan.

They extended the invitation to all those who wish to contribute to this donation. Providing those in need with the necessary supplies. Since June 9, COVID-19 has infected more than 17,300 people and claimed more than 920 lives in Japan.

Changpeng Zhao believes that there must be a change of mentality in the exchanges

In a recent interview with CoinTelegraph, Changpeng Zhao, Binance’s CEO said that exchanges need to have a change of mentality. If they want to be able to expand on a large scale.

„First, I’d say you need a global mindset. Many cryptomontage exchanges claim to be global exchanges, but if you look more closely, they are focused on one region, usually where most of your team comes from. Their products are only available in one or two languages, their customer service is only available in one or two languages, and they only organize offline events in their region. As a result, most of its users are from that region as well,“ said Changpeng Zhao.

In addition, he emphasized some key tools that crypto-currency exchanges must have in order to be promoted at a global level: sustainable business model, knowing the preferences of their public, and the capacity to adapt the services.

Changpeng Zhao believes that exchanges should change his mentality
Binance Futures: Unique advantages for institutions

Binance adds new Bitcoin futures Another sign that Ethereum Code is undoubtedly the star of the day today. The exchange revealed that its quarterly futures contracts had become effective, and that settlement was due in September.

Binance Futures offers tailored trading services, and global expertise in the full range of encryption derivative products. Including futures, options and leveraged tokens.

The move marks Binance’s latest venture into Bitcoin derivatives, a market currently dominated by OKEx and Huobi exchanges. Speaking to Bloomberg, CEO Changpeng Zhao said user demand had driven the decision.