Pakistan at bay: major electricity supplier hit hard by computer attack

NetWalker is rebuilding damage – K-Electric, Pakistan’s major electricity supplier, has just been the unfortunate victim of a massive cyberattack. The criminals are claiming the sum of $ 7 million in Bitcoin to restore access to the stolen data.

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Once again, the NetWalker ransomware is singled out. After infecting Argentina’s immigration service network , it is the turn of Pakistan’s main electricity supplier to bear the brunt of a damaging lack of precaution.

As a result, the company can not invoice or collect payments from its customers. Electricity distribution remains assured.

The information was released yesterday by the media Bleeping Computer . The attackers used the ransomware to infect multiple workstations using Windows- specific software , such as Word and Excel. The virus then encrypts the data and blocks access until it receives a ransom.

The hackers wanted to address their victim by disseminating a fairly explicit message:

“If no payment has been made by September 15, the ransom will be multiplied by 2, or $ 7.7 million. „

The message had the gift of frightening K-electric, immediately initiating several consultations with IT security professionals. The extent of the damage has so far not been disclosed to the general public.

This attack comes a few days after a similar incident, which affected Argentina’s immigration service. Blocking access to the country for nearly 4 hours, the national authorities simply refused to pay the ransom.

NetWalker ransomware is becoming a pressing threat to institutions holding key information. The overall cost of cyber attacks in 2019 is estimated to be $ 150 billion.