Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey launches new Coinbase policy

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey talks about Coinbase’s new policy on Twitter. Earlier this week Brian Armstrong, the CEO of Coinbase, published a blog post stating that in the future Coinbase will interfere as little as possible in the political debate.

Coinbase’s goal is to build an open financial system for the world and, according to Armstrong, this is not a political distraction. Everything must be focused on the big goal and not on so-called peripheral issues.

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Criticism of new policy Coinbase
However, Armstrong’s blog was not well received everywhere. Jack Dorsey, among others, was not soft with his criticism. The CEO of Twitter said that Bitcoin is a political statement. According to Dorsey, Bitcoin is precisely a political statement against an unfair financial system that excludes people.

According to Dorsey, by distancing yourself as a Bitcoin Revolution company from the political aspect of Bitcoin, you are letting your customers down. Customers who experience problems with the current financial system on a daily basis.

He doesn’t understand why you shouldn’t attach these values to your company’s mission. Even former Coinbase employees don’t understand why the exchange can’t recognise the problems with the current financial system.

But not everyone is negative about Coinbase’s new policy.

Bitcoiner Pierre Rochard expresses his agreement with the policy. According to Rochard, Coinbase would do well to separate local politics from the global workplace. „Above all, be active in local politics if you want to change things, but don’t bother your colleagues who deal with other problems with that.

A ’spring bonus‘ for employees who disagree with new policy
Employees who disagree with Coinbase’s new policy can leave with a bag of money. This emerged from a leaked internal mail picked up by The Block. Anyone who feels uncomfortable with the new policy can report this and leave.

The leaked mail shows that employees can count on six months‘ salary and a 7-year option right when they leave. There will probably be no exodus at Coinbase, but a number of employees will probably want to make use of the scheme.